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Balsam Safe Healer are included natural medicinal substances exert their biological regulatory activity selectively:

in a sick organism, they are normalizing very active and in a healthy - almost neutral, that is their peculiarity as a regulatory

factor of vital processes.

Balsam Safe Healer healthily used for the prevention and treatment of the widest range

of diseases and disorders:

- Intoxication due to the arrival of toxic substances from the environment and formed

in the body as a result of metabolic diseases;

- Alcohol and drug intoxication;

- Intake of radionuclides;

- Immunodeficiency states;

- Allergies;

- Infectious and toxic hepatitis, cholecystitis, malaria;

- Inflammatory diseases of the stomach and intestines, gastritis, colitis,

- Diabetes,

- Sexually transmitted diseases, nterocolitis, intestinal infections, food poisoning;

- Gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer;

- Leukopenia, anemia of different origin;

- Breach of protein metabolism and enzyme function (Fermentopathy);

- Diseases of the circulatory body with lipid disorders;

- Inflammatory diseases of the skin.

Wide range of Balsam Safe-Healer is simple: almost all the diseases and disorders in thebody accompanied by it's intoxication,

poisoning to some extent - it is an establishedmedical science fact. Reception Balsam Safe Healer even a relatively healthy

personimproves it's health, increases efficiency, and reduces fatigue, and so on.